All He Needs

Book #1

Life, Karma, whatever-it was testing me. Pushing me to the limit of what I could endure. But in the steaming pile my life had become, I felt it. The spark. Like my soul met its counterparts. I didn't think it was possible. For a closeted guy, falling for not one but two men, Mace and Rick, was never going to be easy. Then I had to leave. My sister needed me. Having a baby alone was out of the question and I couldn't wait to be an uncle. But going to stay with her in Florida meant leaving them. New Zealand and the USA couldn't be further apart. I'm not a saint. I've screwed up more times than I can count. But I was trying to redeem myself. Gracie, my niece, needed me to be a better man. If only there was a way I could have both-men to love and a family close by.

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