Rake I'd Like To F....


Book #1 Duke I’d Like To. “The Last Crimes of Peregrine Hind” by Sierra Simone. Peregrine Hind, known to all as the bloodiest highwayman ever to bedevil the road, seeks only one thing-revenge against the Dartham family. When a robbery sends the second Dartham son Alexander Dartham tumbling to Peregrine's feet, it seems like fate has given Peregrine his vengeance at last. Except then Alexander offers him a bargain: to kidnap him instead, so Peregrine can gain a ransom from Alexander's family first. Peregrine agrees, but he's in no way prepared for a captive like Alexander. “Two Rakes for Mrs. Sparkwell” by Eva Leigh. The last thing Mrs. Vivian Sparkwell wants is to tie herself to another husband. But thanks to the terms of her marriage contract, if she refuses any reasonable offer to wed again, she loses her widow's portion. What she needs is a public ruining to make her would-be suitors cry off. Who better to provide the necessary scandal than notorious rake Rushton Cantley? Yet when Rush proposes that his friend, gaming hell bruiser Jack Morgan, join in on the ruination, Vivian can't decide if she's shocked-or aroused. “Sold to the Duke” by Joanna Shupe. Though she once lived a life of privilege, Lady Eliza is now destitute and desperate to care for her ill sister. She decides to sell the one thing of value she has left: her virginity. At the auction, a shocked Duke of Blackwood recognizes Eliza and refuses to allow her to fall into the clutches of a depraved bidder. But his role of noble rescuer is upended when she insists on giving him his money's worth. Includes “Monsieur X” by Adriana Herrera and “A Rake, His Patron, & Their Muse” by Nicola Davidson.

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