An Uncommon Truth Of Dying

Book #2

Book #1 The Girl With The Iron Wing. Aisling helped stop the drug war that would have destroyed all fey in Los Angeles. But now the threat is global. When the fey fled the world on the other side of the veil, they thought they left the danger behind. Unfortunately, the veil is growing thinner and no longer blocks creatures from the other side. Deadly beings left behind are coming through to this world with catastrophic results for both fey and human alike. Fighting against beings never seen before, and the possible duplication of people in all levels of government, Aisling and her companions find themselves on the run with no safe place to hide. There is also a small group of fey, elves in particular, who are willing to risk the destruction of this world to get the power they want. One was a thug thought dead, another is Aisling's mother.

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