My Hearts True Delight

Book #10

Start with Tremaines True Love. Ash Dorning has loved Lady Della Haddonfield from afar for years. He has played the part of the cordial family connection and battled every demon from lack of funds, to meddling relatives, to a recurring case of the blue devils-while other men have won Della's smiles. When Della lands in the midst of scandal, those fellows who fawned over her disappear, leaving Ash to waltz to the rescue. Della is compromised by a bounder, and only Ash's loyalty stands between her and ruin. But Ash has played least in sight with her for too long, and too many secrets lie between them for Della to believe that Ash is motivated by anything other than duty. When trouble comes calling once again, Ash and Della either learn to trust their love, or they will lose everything they hold dear-including each other.

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