Lord of the Sky


Start with By The Unholy Hand. 1217 A. D. - Executioner Knight Kevin de Lara finally has his moment to shine. Kevin breaks out from under his powerful brother's shadow (Sean de Lara from Lord of the Shadows) and becomes a great knight on his own. But there's just one problem... the woman he loves may very well cause his downfall when one strategic lie begins to unravel. Since reconciling with his brother, Kevin has become a powerful garrison commander along the Welsh marches for the de Lara empire. As an agent of William Marshal, his directive is to keep the local Welsh barons under control at all costs, and Kevin becomes a diplomat. But the Welsh lords only tell him what he wants to hear. Secretly, they are planning a rebellion to gain back de Lara properties they believe belong to the Welsh.
Juliandra ferch Gethin is a daughter of two worlds - a Welsh father, an English mother. Juliandra's father has committed an offense against the de Lara empire and has consequently been jailed. When Juliandra disguises herself as a servant and sneaks into the castle to free her father, she can't get past Kevin. When he discovers her true identity, he formulates a plan to marry her simply to keep her father and his allies under control. It's a tactic and nothing more. Or so he thinks. Sometimes the arrogance of a man is only exceeded by his love for a woman.

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