Dockside Duchess


Book #1 Mayfair Misfit, Book #2 Duke Undone. 

The newly titled Earl of Castlebury, Crawford is under a lot of stress. New title responsibilities, pressure from his mother to find a suitable wife, his late father's shipping empire to run. The last thing he needs is a feisty female pretending to be a deal porter down at his shipyard. She's obviously in hiding for a reason, and try as he might, he cannot refuse his attraction for the spirited brunette. Soon he can't keep his hands off her, either, even knowing he can never offer the common born beauty a future. He can offer her his body, his passion, and his patronage . . . but never his title or his heart.


Heiress to an ancient dukedom, Sadie Crisp is in hiding from her awful Cousin Archibald, who wants her dead rather than married, so that he can keep her fortune for himself. Disguised as a young male deal porter at the docklands, all is smooth sailing until the new owner of the Castlebury's shipyard appears. Everything she's ever wanted, Crawford ignites her passion and sets new hope aflame. Yet she cannot dare tell him of her deepest secret for risk of discovery. And she dare not love him for risk of her heart.

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