Act of Passion

Book #4

When PSI-Operative and lion-shifter Malik "Tut" Nasser's agreed to help test a drug that could help supernaturals with control issues, he never thought it would have the opposite effect on him. So when he finds himself fighting the urge to lay claim to a human woman, he's far from prepared for what happens next. Winning an all-expenses-paid trip to Egypt felt like a dream come true for Brooke Larner. Everything in her life is lining up perfectly-even the handsome new man she's found herself attracted to. When it doesn't go as planned, Brooke finds herself running right into the hands of madmen bent on creating super soldiers. After five years of searching for Brooke, their paths cross once more, Malik realizes destiny is at play. The only problem is, she doesn't trust him and she has a secret she's willing to die to protect.


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