A Shade Of Things

Book #5

Book #1 Throwing Shade, Book #2 Made In The Shade, Book #3 A Shade Too Far, Book #4 A Shade Of Myself. When Miri partners up with her detective ex-husband on an off-the-books magical missing persons operation, she expects buddy cop adventures galore. Instead, she gets more than she bargained for, starting with a mouthy golem who's forced onto the team. Their mission? Crash a secret-and deadly-competition targeting non-magic humans to rescue the young woman at the heart of their case. So, a regular Thursday nowadays. If that funhouse of horrors wasn't enough, she still must fulfill her oath to a master vamp by locating the artifact bound up with her parents' murders almost thirty years ago. He refuses to say why he wants it, but all signs point to "Danger Danger Will Robinson." All of that leaves no time in her schedule for sexy times with a certain wolf shifter. Which is probably just as well, seeing as he doesn't know she's been forced to keep secrets from him, too. Laugh? Cry? Coffee!

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