The Hunter and the Heiress


Book #1 The Wolf And The Witch. Nothing could be further from Amaury de Vries' expectations than joining his half-brother's company of mercenaries in the wilds of Scotland. A knight and a champion at the joust, he expected to inherit a holding-until the man he has known as his father revealed the truth and disavowed him. Left with nothing, Amaury rides to Kilderrick, where he loses his heart to a noblewoman in the forest. A practical man, he knows he has no right to court the lady, but when she is abducted, Amaury follows, determined to fulfill his knightly duty by aiding a damsel in distress. Elizabeth d'Acron has been a pawn and a prize, pursued for her father's wealthy holding, and wants only to be desired for herself. Seized again, she vows she will surrender to no man-even the knight who comes to her rescue. And truly, there could be no one more vexing than this man, so concerned with duty that he could be wrought of stone-but Elizabeth soon learns that she can trust Amaury to defend her at any cost. She does not expect the fire awakened by his touch, much less his conquest of her wary heart. When Elizabeth is threatened by a former suitor who will not be refused, Amaury risks his all in her defense.

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