Magic In the Night


Start with Afraid of the Dark. I moved to New Orleans with two thoughts in mind—to escape a bad marriage and to fix up the huge mansion my great aunt left me. While my bad marriage is now a thing of the past, my house ownership on Prytania Street is threatened. By whom? None other than a relative of Drake’s, the ghost who’s haunting my house. Luke Montague is the embodiment of Drake in everything but disposition, and he’s proving to be a big pain in my a#$! To make matters worse, my health and my sanity are suffering by some unseen force. Visions of ghosts dance in my head, warping my understanding of what’s real and what isn’t. Furthermore, these visions prove to be a warning of a more significant threat impacting the city—antiques are going missing, stolen by the ghosts of children. If I get involved, like I inevitably always do, I’ll face more than I bargained for—including witches, possessed dolls, and (drumroll) my teenage niece.

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