Oath Sworn

Book #1

I’ve never been the type to find trouble. Owning a bar takes work and that was all I wanted. Serving cold beers and paying my taxes. Those were the responsibilities I wanted for the rest of my life.

I didn’t ask to be a werecat. I didn’t ask for the responsibility to uphold an ancient treaty. I didn’t ask to get pulled into the middle of a werewolf pack’s coup.

But Carey Everson, the very human daughter of a werewolf Alpha, needs me. Her father’s enemies are on her heels and I’m her last defense. And I’ll be that defense until my final breath, even if it means challenging the very Laws that govern the supernatural. I gave her my word.

The Dallas werewolf pack was once Heath’s pack. They relied on him, trusted him, and even loved him. No one can forget how his time as their Alpha had ended. Add in the troubles they’ve had since he’s left, and I know what Heath expects. It would be foolish to ignore the obvious threat brewing in the city.

Something bad is going to happen.
And the problems we face are much more nefarious than we could have bargained for.

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