Midlife Ghost Hunter

Book #4

Book #1 Midlife Bounty Hunter (Originally titled Grave Magic Bounty), Book #2 Midlife Fairy Hunter, Book #3 Midlife Demon Hunter. Stuck with Alan's ghost following her around, Bree is in hot water now with no easy way out as she's been framed for his murder and plunked in the local pokey. If that weren't bad enough, Gran's ghost has been kidnapped, and all clues point to the Big Easy, New Orleans. With the police on her never-mind-the-size butt, two men vying for her attentions, and a mystery wrapped around the murder of her Gran and ex, she has more than enough to keep her stressed and turning prematurely gray. So when a local coven stirs things up in NOLA, and a new nemesis appears on the scene, Bree is ready to meet them head-on. As soon as she's popped a few Advil.

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