Lyons Prey

Book #8

Start with Into the Lyons Den. Evan Prescott, the fifth Earl of Clarendon lost his wife during the birth of their child. Broken, Evan seeks solace in the Lyon's Den, a world of drink, cards, and excess-where wins and losses are easier to navigate than responsibil-ities. Overconfident and in his cups, he makes a bet that will change his life. Still mourning the loss of her father and elder brother...Lady Char-lotte Grisham saves her young brother from the path of a speeding carriage. In a fit of pique, she throws propriety to the wind and storms up the steps of the owner's London townhouse-and meets the man that upends her world. The stars align when his high stakes bet and her lapse in judgement give the Black Widow of Whitehall the perfect opportunity to spin her web of hearts, while untold danger lurks a step behind. Can a marriage of convenience give rise to love in time to avoid deadly disaster?

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