Fall Of Night

Book #17

Start with Kiss of Midnight. Breed warrior Micah is one of the Order’s best, his lethal skill rivaled only by that of his father. So, when a mission Micah’s leading in an off-limits area called the Deadlands goes wrong, leaving him the sole survivor of an apparent Atlantean attack, he won’t rest until he has vengeance for his fallen team. Phaedra thought it was only a hideous nightmare. Yet somehow, she had been transported from her life in Rome to a stretch of barren forest when it suddenly lit up with unearthly fire, obliterating everything in its path including the Breed warrior she’d encountered in the dream. Or so she believed, until their paths cross again and Phaedra finds herself, and her Atlantean people, at the center of Micah’s wrath. With tensions between the Breed and the Atlanteans already edging toward war, and a powerful nemesis growing bolder by the day, uncovering the truth about what happened in the Deadlands will force Micah and Phaedra to work together in an alliance forged by fate.

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