Bound by Mystery


Book #1 Bound by Murder, Book #2 Bound by Disaster. Talitha Robinson is well on her way to completing renovations for her new bookstore, Beach Bound Books and Beans, in Lantern Beach, North Carolina. But when she hosts a friendly meet-and-greet with bookstore owners from nearby islands, the progress she’s making comes to a deadly end. Someone is backstabbed— literally—right under Tali’s nose. To make matters worse, Tali’s fingerprints are all over the murder weapon and a neighbor claims to have seen Tali commit the crime. Mac MacArthur knows Tali isn’t the type to hurt anyone, but it doesn’t take a former police chief to figure out things don’t look good for her. The two work together to read between the lines and decipher the truth before Tali gets locked away for crimes she didn’t commit. As more evidence stacks up, it becomes clear that someone wants to take Tali out of the story. For good. 

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