Inking Eagle/Fighting Mac/Chasing Taz

Inking Eagle/Fighting Mac/Chasing Taz

Book #1-#3

As the anniversary of 9/11 nears, Silk struggles to avoid all reminders of the day. She's working hard in her tattoo shop, Silky Ink, and working even harder to keep her hands off her bodyguard, Eagle. She'd love to forget her sorrows in his arms. But Eagle is a prospect in the Charon MC, and her uncle is the VP. As a Daughter of the Club, she's off limits to the former Marine. But not for long. As soon as he patches in, he intends to claim Silk for his old lady. He'll wear her ink, and she'll wear his patch. When demons from the past come for Silk, Eagle will need all the skills he learned as a Marine to get his woman back safe.

For the past three years Claire 'Zara' Flynn has been at the mercy of narcolepsy and cataplexy attacks. But after she witnesses a shooting by the ruthless Iron Hammers MC, her problems get a whole lot worse. She's now a marked woman, on the run for her life. Former Marine Jacob 'Mac' Miller has a good life with the Charon MC. He works in the club gym and teaches self-defense classes-in hopes of saving other women from the violent death his sister suffered. When the pretty new waitress at a local cafe catches his attention, he wants her in his bed. But there's a problem. She's clearly scared of all bikers. Wanting to help her, he talks her into coming to his class. Mac soon realizes he wants to keep her close in more ways than one. When Zara disappears, Mac and his brothers must go to war to get her back.

Former Marine Donovan 'Taz' Lee appears to be a carefree Aussie bloke living it up as a member of the Texan motorcycle club, Charon MC. The truth is much different. With blood and tears haunting his past, Taz is completely unprepared for the woman of his dreams, when she comes in and knocks him on his ass. Literally. Felicity "Flick" Vaughn joined the FBI to get answers behind her brother's dishonorable discharge. Knowing Taz was a part of her brother's final mission, she agrees to partner with him to go after a bigger club, The Satan's Cowboys MC. However, nothing in life is ever simple and Flick is totally unprepared to have genuine feelings for the sexy Aussie.

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