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An Unexpected Temptation

Book #5

Start with When Love Leads to Scandal. Six years ago, Athena Townsbridge broke up a wedding. This worked out well for her brother and the lady he loved, but Athena has never forgiven herself for what it did to Robert Carlisle. No one has seen him since the church, so when she learns of his estate's proximity to the property she is staying at during a family visit, she sets out, determined to make amends. When Robert, Marquess of Darlington, is reunited with Athena, she's no longer the girl he remembers, but rather a grown woman. Trapped with her when a blizzard sets in, he rediscovers her playful side, the laughter and joy she can bring to his life. But it is her nature that tempts him.

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1 - 1 of 383 results