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Lady Windermeres Lover

Book #4

Start with The Importance of Being Wicked. Seven years ago, on his 21st birthday, a drunken Damian lost his late mother's estate, Beaulieu, in a card game-and vowed to get it back, whatever it took. What it took was marriage to a woman he didn't want and he abruptly left for diplomatic business abroad. Now, Damian, Earl of Windermere, has returned to find that his quiet wife, Cynthia, has become a sought-after beauty-one who supposedly has taken a lover, the Duke of Denford, Damian's former good friend. But all is not as it seems, and as Damian sets out to reclaim his wife, Cynthia isn't about to let things go on as before, and it doesn't take Damian long to learn she isn't the naive wife he left behind. That Damian is on a secret mission for the Crown to locate a missing art collection that Denford is reputed to have in his possession simply adds to the fun.

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