One Dangerous Night

Book #2

Book #1 A Kiss in the Moonlight. Elise Lanscarr is furious-her sister has married the man Elise had marked for herself. Feeling betrayed, she flees London, determined to return to the one place where everything was once as it should be: her family home in Ireland. But when her stagecoach crashes in a storm, she finds herself cast adrift in the wilds with no one to help but a rough-looking stranger-one who has obviously never been informed of the 'proper' rules of society. Christopher Fitzhugh-Cox, the missing Duke of Winderton, has fled all responsibility, preferring the persona of 'Kit.' He proudly lives hand-to-mouth, rubbing shoulders with commoners and thieves alike. But while he values his freedom, he's never been one to leave a lady in trouble-even one as opinionated and intriguing as Elise. But this night of thunder and lightning is just the beginning of an unexpected, often dangerous, adventure. And two disillusioned souls who have been caught up in their own webs of expectations and disappointments are about to learn that life always holds surprises, and gifts. And all it asks in return is that they risk everything for Love.

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