Wings Of Grace


Canterbury 1941: World War II has left New Zealand farms bereft of young men. Whipsnade Farm, home of the McKnight family becomes a training farm for the young women who leave the city to volunteer as land girls. After farewelling her brothers off to war, Grace encourages her friend Betsy to join her in the Women's Land Army. Betsy comes with the hope farming will keep her busy and without time to ponder the whereabouts of her fiancé, Roland. They are joined at Whipsnade, by the diminutive Alice who sees no option but to sign up, and the vivacious Moira who manages to glam up her overalls and gumboots and maintain her manicure despite the rigours of rural life. Together they learn all the facets of farming, exposed to the weather, the animals and the men that come into their lives. What they learn and what they sacrifice in three months will set the course for their future. Can Grace keep everyone safe under her wings? Even the escaped soldier?


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