One Snowy Night

Book #1

Sweet Home, Alaska, was once a thriving town, where A Stone's Throw Hardware and Haberdashery and the Sisterhood of the Quilt were the cornerstones of the community. Then, in one fatal moment, two young lives were cut short, and everything changed. Now the Stone family businesses have closed, the diner is in the red, and the population has dwindled to 573. After the tragic accident that took her sister's life, Hope McKnight discovered she was pregnant, and gave up her dreams of college to raise her daughter. When Donovan Stone returns to sell his family's properties and to cut ties with Sweet Home, he's shocked to find Hope still there and a single mother. The pull between Hope and Donovan is still powerful. But so are the secrets and lies stemming from that long-ago tragedy. Will the heartbreak of bygone days destroy their love again?

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