Flirting with Fifty

Paige Newsom is finally at a place in her life where she's
comfortable. She loves her job as a college professor in
Southern California, lives close enough to her mother to visit
her regularly, and has three daughters who are flourishing in
their own careers. Paige has no plans to upend her life again
after her divorce eight years ago, but she's about to embark
on a new adventure: co-teaching a course that includes a three-week
international field study. Paige can think of a dozen reasons why she
shouldn't go, one being a dazzling Australian biologist who will be teaching
alongside her. Professor Jack King is charismatic, a world traveler, and more
like Indiana Jones than Indiana Jones, all of which unsettles Paige, who
prides herself on being immune to any man's charms. She isn't looking for
love, and it turns out, neither is he. But as the two co-professors lead the
rigorous program together, first on campus, then in beautiful Tanzania, their
biggest challenge will be working closely together while resisting the
undeniable chemistry they feel when they're with each other

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