Knight of Her Desire

Book #3

Book #1 Knight of Her Heart, Book #2 Knight of her Dreams. Turbulent times continue as the war between England and France rages. Living with a secret shame, Lady Genevieve has disguised herself and is working in France as a healer for the English forces. When Sir Estienne, one her childhood protector, learns of her presence, he's determined to have her returned to England for her own safety. Years ago, Estienne broke her trust by thwarting her plans to follow Sir Dwaine - the knight of her childhood affections - to the battlefields. Genevieve refuses to allow Estienne to destroy her dreams again. Hating Estienne for his interference and reminding herself that he's betrayed her more than once, Genevieve is bewildered by the passion that flares between them. She's confused by the deep concern she has for his safety when she learns the risks he's taking with his life on behalf of his liege. Her stubborn refusal of his orders puts both their lives at risk and forces them into drastic actions. Faced with danger, treachery and feelings she can't reconcile, Genevieve must learn patience and trust to win the knight of her desire.

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