The Vampires Familiar

Book #2

Book #1 The Witchs Familiar. Twenty years after fleeing Madison Gully as a scared sixteen-year-old, after witnessing his sister's murder, Kirk Gracewell returns as a powerful energy vampire. He wants to find the cougar shifter who killed her and make them pay. Every ten years, the Madison cougars get together. It's a time of celebration to meet new partners but also for the seer announce who'll get the greatest honor any of them can receive: becoming a familiar to a witch. When the seer gives Sage the task of watching the vampire that's suddenly arrived, Sage feels slighted; it's a job for a much younger cougar. But he comes to enjoy the games of cat and mouse he plays with Kirk. Until he learns why the vampire is in Madison Gully. Now Sage will have to choose: protect his family or help Kirk find the killer. But the killer will stop at nothing to prove to the seer the honor of familiar is his, claim a witch, and bury the past.

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