The Fat Chicks Club

Book #1

You're only a success at a high school reunion if you achieve something no one thought you could. For chubby, straight-A student Isabella Harper, that means a boyfriend and a killer body. Rejected and laughed at in high school by her ultimate crush for being a member of 'The Fat Chicks' Club', the new and improved Isabella has recently returned to Brisbane, Australia after working in London for five years. She's determined to attend her ten-year class reunion now that she's a successful lawyer, fifteen kilos lighter, and engaged to a super-hot British investment banker. After all, the best revenge is living well. But within a few weeks of coming home, Isabella's perfect life starts to crumble. With the reluctant help of her childhood friend, Byron McAllister, she sets her sights on a new date for the reunion-his brother, Keats. Will she have her perfect life back in time for the reunion? Or will living in the past cost her happiness in the future?

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