Two For The Road

Book #1

She can break his heart as easily as she broke his leg. After a failed relationship with a network executive, Hollywood TV reporter, Cleo Jones is sent packing from LA to the entertainment wilderness of Brisbane, Australia. It's a temporary assignment before her foreign correspondent role in London, England. When an accident causes Cleo to break the leg of Australian elite triathlete, Hayden O'Loughlin, she finds herself his driver and all-around gofer as compensation. Hayden is the World Number Two, and aiming to make the Australian Olympic team-his ticket to major sponsorship. A broken leg is the last thing he needs-along with a new relationship with a woman who could break his heart as easily as she broke his leg. As their feelings for each other grow, Cleo and Hayden must decide if chasing a relationship is possible while chasing their dream careers.

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