Book #3
Book #1 Forbidden, Book #2 Illicit. Anica Petrovic used to be human, until she was kidnapped and turned into a shapeshifter. Now she's a bear. Political strife in Serbia led Anica, her father, and her brother to settle in the Pacific Northwest, in a shifter community where all are welcome. The town is rocked by a series of murders which appear to have been committed by a bear. Anica and her family are all bears, but she knows they are all innocent. Not so innocent is newcomer Tristan, also a bear--Anica's sensitive nose tells her he's hiding something, but she can't believe he's a killer. She's wrong. Tristan has killed-though he's innocent of the murders in Luna Lake. He's tracked an ancient evil to Anica's home town, and he'll do whatever is necessary to find and destroy it.

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