The Girl From Guernica *repack*

On an April day in 1937, the sky opens and fire rains down upon the
small Spanish town of Guernica. Seventeen-year-old Sibi and her
family are caught up in the horror. Griff, an American military attaché,
pulls Sibi from the wreckage, and it's only the first time he saves her
life in a span of hours. When Germany claims no involvement in the
attack, insisting the Spanish Republic was responsible, Griff guides
Sibi to lie to Nazi officials. If she or her sisters reveal that they saw planes
bearing swastikas, the gestapo will silence them--by any means necessary. As
war begins to rage across Europe, Sibi joins the underground resistance,
secretly exchanging information with Griff. But as the scope of Germany's
ambitions becomes clear, maintaining the facade of a Nazi sympathizer
becomes ever more difficult. And as Sibi is drawn deeper into a web of
secrets, she must find a way to outwit an enemy that threatens to decimate
her family once and for all.

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