The Heart of Splendid Lake

Brianna is the youngest of the three Porter sisters and the
only one who chose to stay in the small town of Splendid
Lake, North Carolina. She followed in her father's
footsteps and became an expert boat mechanic, helping
him run their small resort with cabin rentals, a convenience
store, and a marina. When Brianna's father unexpectedly
dies, Brianna is steeped in grief and guilt--and left alone to
clean up the mess. To make matters worse, a constant stream of real estate
brokers begin marching through her property, pressuring her to sell off
the family land. In particular, she keeps running into handsome real estate
mogul Scott Gibson. As Brianna struggles to keep it all together, Scott
finds his way into her heart. And as the two fight against their feelings,
they just might find themselves forging a surprising and exciting new love
at Splendid Lake.

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