Echoes From the Deep

Book #1

Jilted less than a week before her wedding, assistant bank manager Jillian Dulaine elects to go on her honeymoon to England alone. When the plane nose-dives into the sea off the coast of Ireland, she is one of only three survivors and is charged with delivering a message to the son of the woman seated beside her. When his mother's dying words send Jillian to him, reporter Ranjiv Tenali suspects her of matchmaking even after her death. His attraction to the American woman cannot be denied, but he is shaken by the suspicion that she carries his mother's spirit. The souls she acquired in the midst of the crash provide Jillian with talents and knowledge vital to her survival. But when she visits Stonehenge, her role as the one chosen to connect with Earth's spirit is revealed, setting her on a path toward romance, conspiracy, and murder.

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