Veil Of Mists

Book #2

Miranda Crescent, an art authenticator, travels to Paris to procure a rare Degas painting for New York's High Lord Vampire, Valadon. Unaware, she's being used to lure his enemies into the open, Miranda will garner an invitation to the home of one of the most notorious vampires in all of Europe, Vivienna, who has become fascinated with Valadon's love interest. Miranda soon learns Vivienna has knowledge of the vampire elders who are conspiring against Lord Valadon and will try to attain the information for the lord, but Vivienna is no easy prey. Years ago, she was the paramour of Remare and Valadon until she betrayed them both-a decision she has long regretted. Will she now offer assistance to Valadon-or is history set to repeat itself?

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