Midnight Shadows *trade p/back*

Book #3 *FINAL*

Book #1 Midnight Secrets, Book #2 Midnight Lies. Known as the wild child of Midnight, Sabrina Wilde has worked hard to earn that reputation. But beneath the tough girl facade lies a vulnerable heart. Fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves, Sabrina will do whatever it takes to keep her loved ones safe. Private Investigator Ian Mackenzie has loved Sabrina for years. Understanding her pain and wariness of commitment doesn't stop him from hoping that someday she will trust him with her heart. When Sabrina puts herself in jeopardy, willing to sacrifice her life to save others, Ian has no choice but to foil her plans. He never knew what it would cost him. As evil descends upon Midnight and Sabrina's worst nightmares are realized, she is forced into an impossible position-trust her loved ones with her shameful secret or forever live in the shadows of the past. One man is determined that she doesn't survive to do either.

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