Mister Romance

Book #1

As Mister Romance, Max is an escort who makes fantasies come to life. No sex, just dates, and New York's socialites can't get enough. Whether they want a dominating billionaire, bad boy, or best friend who loves them from afar, Max can make it all happen, but he keeps his real identity a secret. Enter investigative journalist Eden Tate. Having heard about Mister Romance, Eden is determined to publish an expose on Max and his ability to swindle women out of their fortunes. Desperate to protect his anonymity and his clients, Max challenges Eden to give him three dates. If she doesn't fall in love with him, she can run her story. If she succumbs, the story dies. Cynical Eden has no doubt she can resist his personas, but when the real Max admits he's falling for her, she has to decide if hes telling the truth, or if he is just trying to con her out of her career-making story.

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