The Love Scam Trade P/Back

Book #1

When Rake Tarbell wakes up hungover in Venice, it's not something that would normally be a problem except he has no idea how he got there from California. Or who stole his wallet. Or who emptied his bank account of millions. Or who in the world is Lillith, the little girl claiming to be his daughter. For the first time in his life, Rake is on his own and throwing Benjamins around aren't going to solve his problem. Now if only the woman who brought Lillith into his life was willing to help. Claire Delaney finds Rake's problems hilarious and isn’t sorry shes adding to them by bringing Lillith into the mix. Claire wouldn’t normally hang around with a guy like Rake. Even if he needs help. But if this helps Lillith, she will go out of her way. And with a guy like Rake, she's willing to bend her rules for some fun. But when adventure-filled days turn to romantic nights as they search for answers, and someone starts following them, Claire realizes she's playing more than just a game. And maybe, just maybe, she isn't willing to let go of Rake or Lillith just yet.

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