Batten Down the Belfry

Book #4

Start with Dead as a Door Knocker. Carpenter Whitney Whitaker and her cousin Buck have flipped houses, but not a house of worship. Still, the colorful stained glass in the country church has caught Whitney's eye, and she'd love to breathe new life into the building. What's more, the place has perfect acoustics. Could the worship hall be reborn as an entertainment venue with its parsonage repurposed as a pre-show bistro? The owner of the horse farm next door has asserted a legal claim to the church property, rendering their title uncertain. If that's not bad enough Whitney's cat Sawdust discovers the body of the man who'd delivered their new replacement windows in the bell tower. What transpired in the spire? Who rang the man's bell? The steeple is keeping its secrets and, when a second body turns up, things become less clear. Can Whitney help Detective Collin Flynn solve the crimes before someone else meets their maker?

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