Must Love Bees

Book #2

Book #1 The Sweetest Thing. Astrid Hill can calm a hive full of restless bees, but she has no idea how to make her gruff new neighbor smile. Charlie Driver intends to hightail it out of Honey, Texas, as soon as he's sold his aunt's property, and Astrid worries her family's adjoining honey business may be affected. But however aloof--and annoyingly attractive-Charlie may be, his daughters are too adorable to ignore. Charlie would rather untangle a line of computer code than deal with people, and the stress of single parenthood isn't helping. Yet Astrid has a knack for overcoming his resistance to this quirky small town and her beloved bees. What if his girls become attached, only to once again lose someone precious? Then again, in love, the more you risk your heart, the sweeter the reward. Includes “Honey Ever After” A wedding on Hill Honey Farms means family, honey and laughter. For this special day, all the Bee Girls are home-but that's not the only surprise.

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