Second Chance Spring


Start with Herons Landing. Pro quarterback Burke Mannion
is at a crossroads in his career--nearing retirement age, he
wonders if it's time to hang up his cleats, or keep pushing on
and head to training camp in a few short weeks. The decision
is delayed by an upsetting phone call from his brother, and
without blinking, Burke packs for Honeymoon Harbor and
the home he hasn't seen in years. The last person he expects to see when
he arrives is the woman he had once thought might be the one--the same
woman who had broken up with him by text as she left New York.
Having heard Burke's stories about Honeymoon Harbor, Lily Fletcher
never really believed there was any place as idyllic as he'd made it sound.
But as much as she's tried to keep her past in the past by avoiding
personal connections, deep down she secretly always hoped she'd see
Burke again. As Lily and Burke fall back into their unresolved feelings
for one another, she knows she has to come clean about who she really
is as he struggles with the choice to go back to the celebrity life he
knows or embrace the one he's beginning to think could be the true path
to happiness. Bonus Novella! Just One Look. When Honeymoon
Harbor holds a local bachelor auction at the annual Labor Day boat
festival, Cam Montgomery needs to make sure his best friend, Megan
Larson, wins him as a date. Cam's grand gesture should go off without a
hitch, but only if Megan is willing to take a chance.

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