The Museum Heist H/Cover

The crime is simple: a valuable gemstone known as The Tiger's Eye was stolen from the Kensington Museum in the year 1926. The case
was investigated by one Detective Inspector Jane Waterstone. Can you step into Jane's shoes and solve the case? A beautiful, intricate
puzzle book with an intriguing mystery that places you at the heart of the story - Agatha Christie meets Murdle. The Museum Heist is an
interactive book where murder mystery meets escape room-style puzzle solving, in an epic adventure for all the family. Put yourself to
the test, and follow the story, working your way through a whole host of challenges - from deciphering clues at crime scenes and
searching for hidden pieces of evidence in the pages - to satisfy your inner detective. Look out also for interactive elements within the
book that will take each mystery to a whole new level.

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