Never Mix Sin with Pleasure


Start with Never Dare a Wicked Earl. Olivia Michaels grew up in an orphanage and now uses the access granted by her position as paid companion to elderly Lady Winton to steal from philandering nobles and donate to the orphanages housing their unclaimed children. When Olivia accidentally stumbles into the carriage of rake Lord Anthony Trent, Lady Winton fires her for the perceived indiscretion. Feeling responsible, Anthony offers Olivia a position as temporary companion to his cantankerous grandmother. And when he discovers she's a whiz with numbers-a skill he's always struggled with-he recruits her to assist him with his ledgers as well, hoping to conceal his dyscalculia and preserve his family's reputation. They grow closer, often celebrating the day's accomplishments with nights out. Anthony makes Olivia feel valued, while she fuels his ambition with her unwavering faith in his abilities. Though both are keeping secrets, their honest mutual support irrevocably bonds them even as they wrestle with how truthful they can be with one another. Justice, deception, and loyalty form the core of this entrancing affair.

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