Storm Warned

Book #3

Book #1 Storm Warrior, Book #2 Storm Bound. When Caris’s unearthly musical talent attracts the attention of the Wild Hunt, the Welsh farm girl is stolen away to serve as a faery grim, a herald of death. Two centuries later, she s finally escaped back to the human world and into the present-day life of a reclusive and heartbroken American musician. Music was Liam’s whole life until a crushing betrayal left him desperate to flee the public eye. Yet longdormant passions awaken within him after a powerful storm strands a beautiful, strong-willed woman on his isolated farm. When a fae prince bent on ruling both human and faery realms threatens Caris s life, Liam must decide if he can finally believe in love again, not just for her sake but for the sake of two worlds.

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