The Bakeshop At Pumpkin and Spice

“Sweet Magic” by Donna Kauffman. Abriana Bellaluna O’Neill works with her Nana, Sofia, to make some of the most superb pastries. If you should be a customer in need of some special romantic assistance, one could be offered a treat from the hidden shelf that features the most magical of delicacies. With Halloween season approaching the seasonal baking has begun.

“Love Spells Disaster” by Allyson Charles. Cassie Hie works for Samuel Bunker Insurance Company and has a big crush on owner Samuel. One morning Cassie buys some special cookies hoping they would be just the treat to make him aware of her. Unfortunately, Samuel declines the offer of the pastries as he explains he is on a no sugar, no carb diet to get into shape for a marathon run. Frustrated, Cassie takes a huge bite of one of the cookies. She finds it stuck in her throat and no amount of water or trying to swallow helped the situation. Before she realises it, two large hands grip her middle and push hard, forcing the cookie to fly from her mouth. Seeing more cookies on her desk, Chip helps himself to one thinking they were for Samuel’s clients.

“Sweet on You” by Kate Angell. Lara Shaw has had a terrible morning, dumped by her boyfriend, notified of a rent increase she now realizes she will need a new job. Mayor Jack Hanson joins her for coffee and offers her a job organizing the Halloween Parade.

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