Against The Rules *Reissue*

(ORIG 1995)
When Cathryn Donohue-Ashe returns to her Texas hometown, she wants nothing to do with the ranch she inherited--or the rugged foreman in charge. Rule Jackson may have been her first love, the man who brutally broke her heart, but he's also the reason she plans on hightailing back to the life she has made for herself in Chicago. But once she encounters Rule again, she can't deny the strong stir of desire she still feels. And there's no mistaking the glimmer of heat in his eyes. When Rule was a younger man, Cat's father saved him from the collision course he was on. Then Rule paid him back by claiming his innocent daughter--and letting her walk away. Now Rule owes it to the memory of the Donohue patriarch to make sure Cat finds the happiness she deserves, the life she was meant to live: on the ranch that is her birthright, with Rule by her side.

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