Knight of Her Heart

Book #1

Lady Lisette is so desperate to thwart her guardian's plans, save her life and protect her young sister that she acts against her moral integrity. She commits a sin that plagues her conscience but safeguards her future. Afterwards she is stunned to learn that King Henry V has assigned her a protector. She is hardly worthy of Henry's noble warrior, Lord Rowan. Can she ever gain Rowan's forgiveness for what she has done and win his heart? Lord Rowan, King Henry's hero of Agincourt, is driven by his thirst for justice. He swore an oath to avenge the death of his parents and the last thing he wants is a wife. Yet he must marry Lisette by command of his liege. Believing that he has, at least, gained a biddable bride, he is challenged on every level by a woman who is spirited and independent. Just when he thinks she may be the one to heal the bitterness he carries, he discovers her betrayal. But, does he have the right to judge her when his own past hides a shameful secret?


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