The Bad Luck Bride

Book #1

As if being left at the alter for the third time isn't bad enough, Lady Alice Hubbard has now been dubbed "The Bad Luck Bride" by the London newspapers. Defeated, she returns to her family's estate, resolved to a future as a spinster. After all, a lady with her record of marital mishaps knows better than to dream of happily-ever-after. But then Alice never expects to see Henderson Southwell again. Her brother's best friend disappeared from her life soon after her brother's death. Alice is just as beautiful as Henderson remembers. And just as forbidden. For the notorious ladies' man made one last promise to Alice's brother before he died-and that was never to pursue her. But one glimpse of Alice's sorrow and Henderson feels a powerful urge to put the light back in her lovely eyes, one kiss at a time. Even if it means falling in love with the one woman he can never call his bride.

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