Diamond in the Rough

Book #2

Clara Andersons mother has one mission: to marry off her daughter to a titled gentleman. Unfortunately, though the Andersons have come up in the world, Clara is still the granddaughter of a pig farmer, which means no self-respecting aristocrat will marry her. Thats just fine with Clara, whos grown to disdain the upper classes. So when she meets a man even more common than she is, she decides its time to forge her own path. Except that Nathaniel Emory, Baron Alford, is no more a commoner than Clara is a blue-blood. Hes appeared on the scene for one reason only: to save his familys estate by finding the blue diamond his grandfather buried in the Andersons garden fifty years ago. To do that, he must pretend to be a gardener. He didnt count on the most beautiful girl hes ever seen getting in his way. But Clara has made no secret of her dislike for aristocrats. Which means that once she uncovers his ruse, he’s certain she’ll never see him again.

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