A Spys Guide to Seduction

Book #1 The Husband Hunters Guide To London, Book #2 A Ladys Guide to Passion and Property. When her desperate mother sends her The Husband Hunter's Guide to London, Emily Radstock rails against the book, boldly declaring that she should wed the first "imbecile" she meets and be done with the matter. Too bad Sir Ajax Lynley overhears her proposal and holds her to it. But he's no dullard-he's a government agent who needs the cover of a beautiful fiancé to pursue a deadly enemy. To resist his charms, Emily turns to the guide she disdains-and does exactly the opposite. Dress fashionably? She enshrouds herself in black crepe. Be demure? She steps into danger and faces down criminals alongside her "intended" whose thrilling seduction may be anything but a charade.

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