The Highalnders Promise

Book #2

Book #1 The Lairds Vow. Brave Lachlan Blair stands ready to become his clan's chieftain-until a revelation shows he is not a Blair son, but the bastard offspring of a notorious criminal. Faced with banishment to the Highland wilderness, Lachlan agrees to wed the daughter of an enemy clan. But he soon finds himself facing a new battle: an unwelcome attraction to his wife. Since she was lass, Finley Carson has heard tales of Lachlan Blair. But nothing prepares her for marriage to the highlander. Fortunately, Lachlan shares her desire to leave the union unconsummated in hopes of escaping their dutiful marriage. Yet as they partner to pursue the truth of Lachlan's birthright, their deepening bond turns to passion. And once Lachlan's past catches up with them, their love is put to the test.

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