Knight of Her Dreams

Book #2

Lady Marguerite, Countess of Besancon, and Sir Richard of Winchester are political enemies. For each of them, duty wars with personal desire and the overwhelming passion they feel for each other. Can they find a way to remain loyal to their countries, yet embrace their love? Lady Marguerite is fiercely opposed to King Henry V's invasion of France. When the Duke of Burgundy offers her a chance to work against the English and avenge the deaths of her father and brothers, she welcomes the opportunity - particularly as she'll be saving her life in the process. When she infiltrates the English camp, she doesn't expect any chivalry from English knights, nor does she count on the instant attraction she has for Sir Richard. Disbelieving he could possibly be the knight of she is unprepared when every firm belief and prejudice she's ever held against the English is challenged. Sir Richard has sworn an oath of fealty to King Henry V, but disapproves of the carnage and destruction wrought upon Normandy by the English forces. When he comes to the rescue of Lady Marguerite, he's deeply attracted to her but there's something about her he doesn't quite trust. Only the fact she's already married enables him to keep his passion under control. When he discovers her secret, he is torn. How can he do as duty dictates and present her to his king for execution? Yet, how can he not?



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