Summer In Barefoot Bay *Reissue/Repack*

BOOK #3 & #4

Start with Book #1 & #2 in Meet Me In Barefoot Bay. “Barefoot In the Sun” Ever since her great-aunt Pasha rescued her from a troubled childhood, Zoe Tamarin doesn't dare stay still for fear of exposing her precarious past. But when her aunt's health is at risk, there's only one person who can help-Zoe's childhood sweetheart, Dr. Oliver Bradbury. Oliver came to Barefoot Bay to start over after his divorce, never expecting to reunite with the girl he once loved. But one look is all it takes to rekindle their passion. “Barefoot by the Sea” Professional gardener Tessa Galloway can grow anything-except what she wants most in the world. She's ready to take a chance on single motherhood when a new coworker enters her life and her heart. Forced into the witness protection program, John Brown is desperate to reunite with his children. But first he has to prove he's married and stable. Landing a job as a chef in Barefoot Bay is easy. And falling for Tessa is even easier. But will his secret be the thing that uproots their happy ending?

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