Her Amish Springtime Miracle

Book #1 Her Amish Wedding Quilt. When Hannah
Eicher discovered sweet baby Grace in her barn last
spring, the adorable infant seemed like the answer to
her prayers. The young Amish baker has always
wanted a familye of her own and now that she's
fostered Grace for nearly a year, her adoption application is
almost certain to be approved. But an unexpected visitor to
Hope's Haven could change everything. Englischer paramedic Mike
Colder is only returning to his childhood hometown to locate and
adopt his late sister's baby. But when the trail leads to Hannah
and Grace, Mike's determination falters. With Hannah, the simple
life he left behind suddenly seems appealing. Despite their wildly
different worlds, can Mike and Hannah give each other--and
Grace--the greatest gift of all: a life together?

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