Meet Me In Barefoot Bay *Reissue/Repack*

BOOK #1 & #2

“Barefoot in the Sand” (Orig 05/12)
When a hurricane roars through Lacey Armstrong's home, she decides the rubble is a chance to finally achieve her dreams. Nothing is going to distract her from running her own hotel-not even the architect eager to work alongside her. Both have experienced heartbreak in the past, but after meeting Lacey, Clay Walker can't imagine his life without her. Clay has until the end of the project to build Lacey's trust in their future together.

“Barefoot in the Rain” (Orig 10/12)
When scandal strikes for celebrity life coach Jocelyn Bloom, she hides in the one place no one would think to search: Barefoot Bay. But her hometown is nothing like she remembers. Her father is a shell of the man he once was, and Will Palmer, the man who broke her heart, is his caretaker.

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